Omega Watch Repairs

Your Omega watch is a precision instrument. It should be handled only by skilled watchmakers. At Ross Watch Repairs, we specialise in battery replacements that includes pressure testing and resealing as standard.

Skilled technicians of Ross Watch Repairs will do watch battery replacements. The Omega timepiece will undergo a thorough cleaning. Battery replacement includes an exacting water resistance test. This will be conducted through the use of advanced watch repair equipment.

At Ross Watch Repairs, we carry out battery replacement for following models:


  • Omega Constellation
  • Omega Speedmaster
  • Omega Seamaster
  • Omega De Ville.


Why Ross Watch Repairs

We specialise in Omega watch repairs: You are assured of a professional service when you send your watch to us. Our specially trained personnel will repair your timepiece and make it running like new.

Quick repairs. You can get back your Omega watch within three to five working days for a battery replacement.

Guaranteed quality of service. We use original Omega watch components and thus we are confident about the work we do. We provide a one year guarantee.


Know your Omega watch part

You can use case numbers to select all the case parts, like bezel, crystals, bracelets, gaskets, and crown. You will find the case number inside back case. If your timepiece is old, then the case number would be in three digits, like 244. It can also be four or five digits.

Some case numbers have decimal points. If it is a six digit number, then there will always be three digits after the point. If the case number is of seven digits, there will always be four digits after the point. Do note that case numbers go back to 1946.

Omega watch repairs done by us are completely dismantled first and parts cleaned using sophisticated rinsing and cleaning solutions. Ultrasonics are also utilised to remove every dirt, oil and dust speck. At Ross Watch Repairs, every watch is minutely examined for wear and damage. Pivots are burnished by highly skilled technicians. After everything is done, every watch is timed and tested to the exacting Omega specified tolerances utilising complex electronic timing equipment. Factory grained finish is renewed.

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