What We Do

Ross Watch Repairs technicians are skilled craftsmen adept at repairing virtually any mechanical, automatic, and quartz timepiece. The technical staff have deep experience in servicing different watch brands of all kinds and complexities. Repairs can be common like changing the battery and sealing your watch against water or be fiendishly complex like technical revisions of a particularly rare timepiece. Our highly advanced service centre ensures that major and minor repairs are very carefully tested.

Battery and reseal

When changing the battery on your watch, the seals break. It is crucial to make sure that the watch is water resistant. It is vital to prevent the entry of water. Water resistance is not just for swimming, it also for day to day moisture your watch may come in contact with like perspiration. This is the reason every watch received by our service centre will get a reseal of all the piece’s gaskets. The list includes crown gaskets and the case back gasket. Needless to say, only premium quality Swiss seals are used. All battery changes come with a one year guarantee. We only use top quality Swiss batteries which last 3 years on average. The turnaround time on all battery and reseals is 3-5 working days.

Service and overhaul

At first, the movement is taken out of its case, and its dial and hands are removed. If it is a mechanical watch, our technicians let the mainspring down to take off the power. If it is a quartz timepiece, removal of the batteries takes place. The movement is then stripped down. The train wheels are removed and the date work and motion work are taken off. In the case of a mechanical watch, the end stones of the balance are removed with the jewel hole. Every component is examined for signs of wear and the parts are placed into the watch case. If required, worn parts are substituted with new ones at this stage. The components are cleaned with watch cleaning machine. After all this is done, the watch is again assembled, oiled and put on time to regulate. It is placed on “beat”. This movement is subsequently placed into case and then bench tested.

Bracelet repairs

This concerns the portion of the watch which includes the clasp and strap. It is generally fitted to watch either by being soldered directly to the case or by spring lugs. Clasps are repaired by rebuilding the worn sections and substituting the missing parts. Worn bracelets are reconditioned by tightening loose links and bracelet surfaces are finished to give it a brand new appearance. When repairing the bracelet we always aim to use original manufacturer’s pins. If they are unavailable, with your consent we are able to cut, file and shape a new pin to secure your bracelet.

Glass replacement

We can replace the majority of stems, crown and watch glass where it is required to do so. We always use original parts when available. If these parts are discontinued we can order in high quality compatible generic parts.

Strap replacement

We stock a wide range of strap replacement that ranges from genuine manufacturer to high quality generic straps.

Watch cleaning

Our cleaning services include ultrasonic cleaning. This removes any dirt or dead skin cell which can get trapped in-between the watch links. This can cause damage if the bacteria starts to deteriorate the pins. Ultrasonic cleaning clears out all dirt you will see Shine and lustre are restored.